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of the next week. >> schieffer: do you think it is in the united states of america's national interest that qaddafi has to go? we know it's in the interest of the libyan people but is it in our national interest? >> yes, it is because if qaddafi stays there is no question that he will be mischief in the days ahead as he has been in the past. furthermore, i think what is happening all across the middle east is in our strategic national interest. if we have emerging democracies, people who come out who say to al qaeda, look, we didn't have one suicide bomber, we didn't have one violent, you know, sort of explosive acts against the west or somebody to make a dramatic statement, we took matters into our own hands with respect to our own government and we have produced change. that just, you know, that's not an iranian moment. it's not an al qaeda moment. it's the people of libya attaching themselvess to the very values and principles that we have espoused for so many years in that region. i think if these countries do reform and they do give greater voice to their people and there is great
1,000 feet away from the funeral in westminster. >> god hates america. >> reporter: westboro baptist church believes military deaths are god's punishment for america's acceptance of homosexuality. in the wake of the ruling, the church plans to quadruple the picketing pooh soldiers are dying for the sins of this nation. you've got to put away your sins, mourn for your sins or this nation is going down. >> this court has no problem with the government sending our children over to these wars, send them back in a body bag and not even have enough respect for that dead soldier to be buried peacefully. >> reporter: justice samuel alito was the only judge who ruled against the church in this case. he said that the westboro baptist church brutally attacked snyder with their protests. jessica? >> it is also possible that al snyder may have to pay the church $100,000 to reimburse its legal fees. >>> police are getting a lot of help on their quest to find the east coast rapist. a cam pin that -- campaign that includes a website and billboard is in an evident to find a man who has raped 17 women
. >>> a turning point for america's committee, the unemployment rate has fallen below 9% for the first time in nearly two years. the jobless rate hit 8.89% in february with 222,000 new jobs created. experts say it's a sign the labor market is turning the corner. >>> luxury is everywhere at baltimore's ritz carlton residences. one of people who live there is would like to build their own personal gun range inside. there's no word if whether it would be for the condo's most prominent resident clancy. clancy's penthouse has 15,000 feet of space. an architect is looking into building permits. >>> one teacher's lesson about slavery slavery gets a little too real. >> she was kind of mean. she should have said sorry. >>> just minutes away what this elementary schooler was forced to do in class. >>> the final seconds of a basketball victory goes terribly wrong when the star player drops dead. find out what happened. >>> young love gone bad. a maryland teenager's life lost to dating violence. >>> milder but also a wetter weekend headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning weather f
clinton is among those reaffirming america's stance saying that israel has the right to defend itself. >> the united states is committed to israel's security and we strongly condemn the violence and extend the deepest sympathy to those affected. >>> a tense rescue effort in texas after a tanker truck was left hanging over an or pass. -- overpass. it collided with a car. one from the tractor trailer was rescued and two were in the crushed car. they're being treated at an area hospital now. >>> and a violent out burst at a nevada courtroom. a judge ordered a woman back to jail pending a mental evaluation. >> let me go! let me go! let me go! >> the court officers didn't let her go and they removed her from the room. a previous evaluation found she suffers from bipolar charges. >>> still ahead on wjz-13's eyewitness news at noon, a cloudy and rainy day, but are we in for a warm up this weekend? we'll first look at today's midday stocks followed by the powerball numbers. ,,,,,,,,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep
to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. >>> discrimination suit. america's biggest retailer on edge as the supreme court takes up one of the biggest workplace lawsuits in history. >>> and caught on tape. a vintage air force plane makes an unexpected water landing. this is the "cbs morning news" an unexpected water landing. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 29th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. defending the u.s. military mission in libya. president obama says the operation was necessary to prevent a campaign of killing. this morning rebel forces continue to push west under the cover of allied air support. nato takes command of the operation tomorrow. secretary of state clinton arrived in london last night. this morning she will attend a conference to discuss what comes next in libya. last night the president said u.s. actions in libya stopped a slaughter and was a moral obligation the u.s. could not ignore. >> to brush aside america's responsibility
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announcer ] what if you could combine america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> it's 41 and breezy right now. the forecast is coming up. the blast ripped through a chemical plant outside of boston tonight. some people felt it from a 1/4- mile away. four people were hurt. police are not releasing any details about their injuries. the company there makes plastics and adhesives. some conflicting stories tonight about the deadly bus crash that killed 14 people in new york. the driver swerved several times before the crash yesterday on i-95. the driver says that a tractor- trailer hit the bus on the way home from a casino. the bus skidded on to its side and was sliced in half after hitting a highway sign. the driver
they believe that god is punishing america. some comments say while they're disgusted, they agree that the church has the same right to freedom of speech. without it, the country would be opening the door to sensorship. many agree. it's the offensiveness to the words that adds to the rights almost. it's only by allowing you to speak against everyone that's repulsed by what you say do we have a forum. in theory, then make we'll all speak back and write editorials and do news shows about how repulsive it is to offend the families of the fallen heros. >> conservative justice samaleto was the only one against this. >>> this officer was supposed to face 30-degree murder charges. now-- face first degree murder charges, but he's held without bail now. >>> that was security scare after a package was found at a mail facility at woodlawn drive yesterday. the package was safe and only contained electronics. >>> nfl contracts go into overtime. mark viviano reports it's unclear if this is a sign of progress or a delay of game. >> reporter: good morning, is what happened a time outtowards a res
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. still, the critics are questioning the american's involvement and want to know how long america will stay. >> reporter: president obama will explain what's next tonight. >> our involvement is limited. both in time and scope. >> reporter: lawmakers have been calling on the president to clarify his position. >> it's fair to ask, what's the role of the military and military alliance in providing support to an opposition that we're only now beginning to understand. >> reporter: the white house is working to make a clear distinction in the military position. at the white house, daniel noting a.m., wjz, eye -- -- daniel nottingham. >>> you can watch the president's address to the nation about libya here on wjz at 7:30 tonight. >>> more radioactive spills at a japanese plant. vic has more on the spills. that's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: scientists say that the amount of plutonium found is small. also, today, a grim anniversary where workers gathered outside of the three mile island plant. those offered prayers to japan. mary, back to you. >>> thank you, the final death toll is
, stacked high on thick texas toast. wrap your hands around one at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. grab a big breakfast with the new big n' toasty sandwich from dunkin' donuts. >>> good morning, we have the weather and traffic together. we'll begin with marty. >>> 12 hours from now, we'll totally be at the beginning of a full day of rain moving our way. enough so that the graphic is prepared. we have a coastal and inland flood watch in effect areawide. here's the first warning doppler weather radar. we'll go on the mosaic scan. that combines all of the pictures. think that's a lot of rain? you ain't seen nothing yet. that's the weather essentially through tomorrow night. >>> now, over to kristy breslin in traffic control. >>> we're following the accident in baltimore city at mclean and westbound northern parkway. westfield is the best bet around that. there's a minor slowdown approaching security boulevard. same division for 95 southbound on the north east corner. >>> and taking a look at the overall drive times from 795 to 95, 54 minutes average and 12 minutes to get by. that's the har
toast. wrap your hands around one at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. grab a big breakfast with the new big n' toasty sandwich from dunkin' donuts. >>> we have a big dome of high pressure giving us clear skies and the barometer is at 30.20. we're in the 30s down the 95 corridor and down the bridge over in easton. 38degrees in ocean city. 24 oakland and 29 in hagerstown. 32 in westminster. 34 bel air and columbia. now, it's 36 in the tricities of annapolis, kent island and rock hall. here's this big dome of high pressure that cleared the weather out. now, the high moves out and gives us the mild day tomorrow. the colder air again. the same high that will drive the chilly air into the atlantic. it will give us a return flow and not unlike this day's scenario. it will warm us up into the weekend. it's a temperature roller coaster. 26 overnight and normal, close enough to say so. it looks like it's back up to 58 degrees. here's the front, back up to 51 and back to 60. even with showers sunday, a high of 56 degrees. >>> here's kristy breslin. >>> hi, don, hi, everyone. we're dealing with a c
and the other half willing to be created as monsters against america." >> reporter: with the u.s. and others providing an effective air cover for the rebels, the pro-qaddafi forces have fallen back, but the still outgunned and disorganized rebel forces have not been able to mount a significant offensive of their own. mark phillips, cbs news, tripoli. >> reporter: the allied air strikes have allowed rebel forces to maintain control of benghazi. today the rebels set out to retake another city, but this time they were stopped-- at least temporarily. mandy clark was there. >> reporter: the burned out vehicles littered the road, from the rebel-held capital benghazia hub miles away. ahmad jiahani is desperate to get back to the embattled city. >> my friends are dying there, i know. >> reporter: but this checkpoint is as far as we can go. we're just seven miles from ajdabiya but we're told we continue go further. apparently down the road there are apparently four pro-qaddafi tanks and every time a vehicle goes over the rise they file at it. >> all my life is here, my friends, my family. my business
of the pool quickly. >>> computer hackers attacked bank of america. the bank america employees allegedly talk about removing important paper work from customer files and they also relate to bank of america improperly foreclosing on homes. the bank says the claims are simply not true. >>> the high cost of fuel has united airlines looking at grounding some of its jets just to save money. united says it burns $25,000 worth of fuel every minute and it is considering taking some of the less efficient jets ow of the fleet. and the price is up 28% so far this year. >>> and the first "survivor" winner and current celebrity apprentice richard hatch is back in prison. he was supposed to refile his 2000 and 2001 taxes but didn't, so a judge has ordered him back to prison for nine months. hatch owes the irs $2 million plus penalties. >>> he won a million and now he owes two. >>> still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at spring. h. - noon. spring is son the horizon. >> but first here is a look at the midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back, everybody. we started out with the clouds and the sun has
bust. police raid a home that they say turned into a bar for under aged students. >>> two of america's biggest cell phone carriers combine forces, what it means for customers. >>> officials feared as decorated toilets could have been bombed, now he's locked up. my official interview with the self-described artist from inside the mental hospital, that's coming up. >> showers headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forewarning forecast coming up next. >>> it is 66 degrees partly cloudy in central maryland right now. texas man is arrested over an apparent case of burrito rage. the man got so mad the price of his taco bell burrito went up, he shot at the clerk with a bb gun. he then barricaded himself in a hotel room. the suspect surrendered after a three hour stand off. >>> following a 10 day investigation, deputies raided the home in bellair where they say the owners were serving alcohols to under aged students. they were tipped off to a party called the laughing duck. police issued citations to several people in the party that were under aged but had alcohol in their blo
hated man in america, bernie madoff speaks out. just minutes away where he says the ponzi scheme was wrong, the shocking interview. >>> why a man from indiana says a pair of high heels caused him permanent injury. >>> the charlie sheen interviews. he lashes out and takes a drug test. we'll show it all to you next on eyewitness news. >>> will march come in like a lamb or lion? i'm bob turk, your complete forecast coming up next. >>> complete coverage continues. continues. , bob turk and sports with mark, fee court is now in session. ♪ my daughters and i were going to see their grammy and grampy, but amber fractured her leg and we had to change our flight. then that airline added a 150-dollar change fee per ticket. i sure did. 450 dollars. 450 bucks. 450 bucks is a lot of money. that just ain't right. that's just plain wrong. it's an honest dollar, your honor. does his momma know what he's doing? [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. no
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a catastrophe. tonight, president obama will try to convince a skeptical public and congress america's mission in libya is working. he'll deliver a nationally televised speech just a day after nato agreed to take full command of the operation. and at least one u.s. warship reportedly left the region. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: the obama administration touted progress. following another weekend of air strikes. coalition forces hit targets in tripoli, and for the first time, moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. since the attack started more than a week ago, rebel forces have been able to push west and regain control of several towns. the president's speech comes in amid growing complaints from both republicans, and some fellow democrats. critics say he never asked for congressional approval before taking military action, and still hasn't given them a clear plan. >> this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> there should have been a plan for what objectives were, a debate as to why this was in our vital interests. >> reporter:
now reaching america's food supply. where some radioactive milk has been detected. >>> chocolate at a cost. hershey's is spiking costs, why and how much. >>> artificial food dyes, are they safe for children and are they having an effect on behavior. >>> will it warm up any on this upcoming april weekend? i'll have the first alert forecast coming up next. >>> complete coverage continues with denise koch, kei jackson and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark vivi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . >>> it is 38 degrees with some drizzle and light rain in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. >>> a worker fell 30 feet into a narrow concrete shaft. rescuers had to be lowered into the hole. after several hours they were able to hoist the injured worker out of there. he was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries. >>> in the baltz for libya rebel forces may soon get covert help from the cia. some have been sent to libya. the insurgents lost a key oil are port. the set back have the rebels pleading to the west for more support. >>> the government says
to win visitors back. bitter taste-- union workers in america's chocolate town accept drastic layoffs rather than see their plant close completely. and field of dreams-- would-be hall of famers suit up and live their dreams of baseball glory no matter what their age. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mitchell: and good evening. it has been another day of fierce fighting, death, and surprise attacks in libya as the battle for the country rages on this weekend. and muammar qaddafi fights to stay in power. let's take a look at the latest. qaddafi forces mounted a fierce attack on the rebel-held town of zawiyah, while the rebel captured the key oil port of ras lanuf. and france and the u.k. continue to push for a no-fly zone over libya. we begin our coverage with mark phillips in tripoli. >> the situation there is quiet and peaceful. >> reporter: twice today, muammar qaddafi's government claimed it had taken control of the strategic town of zawiyah and released aerial gun camera footage which it said proved it. the government forces had moved in to the town to try to dislodge rebels once bef
hates america >> reporter: the message from the westboro baptist church is hateful. "thank god for dead soldiers." "god hates fags." church members believe god is killing all american soldiers because the country tolerates homosexuals. >> we are trying to warn you to flee the wrath of god, flee eternal destruction. >> reporter: but no one paid much attention until the church started taking its message to soldiers' funerals. mathieu schneider died in iraq. his father told cbs news last fall that the protests at matthew's funeral stole his last moments with his son. he sued the church for emotional distress and got a $5 million judgment. >> somebody said to me, you know, "$5 million. i bet you-- i bet you'd give it up to have matt back." i would give it up just to say good-bye. >> reporter: but the supreme court said in an 8-1 decision that the church doesn't owe snyder a dime. chief justice john roberts said the first amendment protects even hurtful speech to ensure that we do not stifle public debate. now, just alito dissented. he said the protests don't add anything to the deb
, among others. >> god hates america >> i'm sorry that they raised their son for the devil and hell. >> reporter: so appalled was he that he filed suit in federal court against the church group. >> they don't have a right to terrorize families and single families out. and that's what they do. a federal jury in maryland -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: the only dicenting opinion in this-- dissenting case was from supreme court justice samuel alito who says he does not think the country's commitment to free speech should in any way, tolerate the vicious verbal assault, like in this case. we'll have an update for you at 5:00. back to you. >> it is an emotional decision, at wjz, getting a lot of reaction from our viewers. our complete coverage continues at with adam may. >> reporter: adam, pretty fair to say that the beliefs of the westborough baptist church are not popular with our viewers. and some of our viewers are not happy at all with the court's decision. richard says, freedom of speech was supposed to be so that you could speak without fearing repercussions, not for taunting
of my make up and doll up. >> reporter: if the case goes ahead, it could cost america's largest employer billion of dollars. >>> the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule by summer. >>> an intense search is underway after a shooting in a parking lot of a mall. we're over the marley station's mall parking lot. a man was shot here. he made his way near the highway. he was rushed to shock trauma and police are looking for two suspects in a dark gray hon dam - - honda. >>> today, the man accused in the murder of an eastern shore girl pleads guilty. vic has more. >> reporter: the prosecutors agreed to take the death penalty off the table for legs. this is for the murder of an 11- year-old. the girl was kidnapped and found dead on christmas day in 2009. her mother spoke today. >> we thank you for giving up your christmas of '09 to bring our baby home. >> we want to thank everyone. >> we now have closure and we can move on. including the community. >> he dated her aunt for some time. >>> wjz sat down with scary's parents. -- with sara's parents. >>> a baltimore county police officer is officia
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'... iced coffee. i run on dunkin' iced coffee. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >>> this is the largest case of dog hording in history. >> reporter: the dogs take up an aisle of cages at the animal shelter ranging from puppies to full grown. the dogs were seized from a home a few days ago. >> it's a problem when the people horde the dogs. you've supposed to have a license if you have more than four dogs. >> reporter: this is the home, the owner said they were breeding them and selling them. >> things slowed down and we ended up -- it snowballed. i wish it had never happened. i assure you, it won't happen again. >> reporter: nearly all of the dogs went up for adoption at -- 10:00 a.m. >> i love dogs and animals. i'm excited. hopefully i'll get one. they were in good health. he got a little bit overwhelmed, but they were taken care of. >> they're yorkies, poodles and dogs mixed from both breeds. people were brought in with numbers never seen before in the shelter. >> this is the biggest case we've seen in the history of the area. because the dogs were so well cared for, no animal abuse charges
. >> reporter: these seven shy state workers are america's newest mega millionaires. and they are overwhelmed. >> it's been a blur. >> just hasn't sunk in. >> still in disbelief. >> they pitched in just $2 each for 14 quick picks. looked at the numbers and looked at them and looked at them and i was like, is this for real? >> now, each one takes home $3.5 million after taxes. they can buy anything they want. but they haven't made a decision yet. >> i just want a dish washer. >> mark bart. >> he is their boss, just down the street from where the group works. and barth's sweet tooth may have sealed their fate. barth had a sweet tooth, someone cut in front of him and bought a lottery ticket ahead of him. the next one out of the machine was the mega millions winner. >> i'm thinking, after all of this went down, i wonder if that guy would have won the ticket instead of me. ien. >> -- i don't know. >> a nervous john health hilton was -- john hilton was in charge of the piece of paper for $319 million. >> put it in a bucket of five- gallon bird food in my basement and hid it. i didn't know what to
forces helped to get the crew members safely back into americas hands. the u.s. and coalition forces are flying dozens of missions each day to extend a no fly zone across the entire coast of libya. after three nights of air strikes military operations civilians are no longer threatened enable forces are moving forward. where gadhafi's heavily armed troops still have the upper hand. president obama who's traveling in south america got frequent updates about the f-15 accident. both he and the secretary of defense insist that the u.s. military role in libya will be winding down soon. >> it will be other members of the coalition on that day-to- day basis that will be extending the no fly zone. >> reporter: while they are limited to protecting civilians, many don't see an end until the libyan leader steps down. >> the united states policy is articulated by the president. >> reporter: gadhafi supporters are gathering around his compound to volunteer as human shields to protect the libyan leader. joel brown wjz eyewitness news. >> so far the libyan mission has wiped out over half of the air
] to deal with. the toilet represents how america treats the underclass. no matter what color you are, how much money you got, how poor you are, everybody uses a toilet. >> do you at all understand why anyone would look at that toilet when you see electronic equipment on it and think, well, maybe it was a bomb. >> it was an old tv set and old cell phone. picasso used paint. i use a toilet. >> are you -- do you have a mental disorder? >> no, sir. >> reporter: state police would not allow us to talk to his doctor. so we have no independent confirmation of his mental health. >> these people have talked to me. test after test after test. and i ain't failed a test yet. i know what day it is, what time it is, and i know what i did is not against the law. it's my constitutional right. freedom of speech. >> reporter: he said he sent a letter to governor o'malley. >> are you a threat to any elected officials? >> no, sir. never threatened nobody. >> would you do anything violent to anyone? >> no, sir. >> including the governor. >> the only thing that is going to hurt the governor is the truth. that'
in the u.s. america gets about 20% of its electricity from nuclear power. but the president says all energy sources have their down sides. >> nothing's completely failsafe. nothing's completely foolproof. and so, each time these kinds of events happen, i think it's very important for us to examine how we can further improve the safety and performance of these plants. >> president obama says he's been assured that hawaii and the u.s. mainland will not be affected by radiation from the japanese disaster. >>> so, what is the actual risk from the radiation leak in japan? dr. jon lapook has that part of the story. >> reporter: when radiation began leaking from the stricken power plant, the fallout was felt more than 5,000 miles away. at this pharmacy near los angeles. all sold out of potassium iodide. >> there's people that are really worried they're going from store to store. >> reporter: the pills can prevent the thyroid from developing cancer caused by radiation. but are they really necessary here? >> i think that's extremely unlikely that there will be any risk to folks in this country. i me
into links to six other break-ins. >>> police are preparing for a mission to central and south america and the caribbean. for five months they will render help in nine countries. the same hospital ship was on site in haiti following that country's worst disaster. the ship departs next tuesday. >>> a college student is caught on tape mocking japanese -- in in -- just minutes away the viral video that has people outraged. a new york city preschool hit with a lawsuit because classes are not challenging enough. >>> coming up, i'll show you the new form of communication that reaches all the way up to heaven and beyond next on eyewitness news. >>> rain overnight but spring fever our way. i will have the forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's 42 degrees and light rain in maryland right now. the man who calls himself clark rockefeller is charged with a murder case in is 1985. it's said he killed a man and buried the body. they're wanting to -- him from -- outrage on the campus of ucla after a student posts a video tirade against asians. the university is looking to discipline her
. get the power and speed of america's largest 100% fiber optic network. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> it is 37 degrees, clouds in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. >>> japan's crippled power plant continues to spewing radioactive chemicals. >>> actor george clooney may be called as a witness in the prostitution case against italy's premier broloscoi is accused of paying a teenager for sex. the 17-year-old known as ruby said clooney and his girlfriend attended parties at the villa. the trial begins next week. >>> sex discrimination at the workplace before the supreme court as wal-mart moves to block a massive lawsuit. the company has a policy of pay -- the woman in the case says the company has a policy of paying men more than women. a decision is expected by this summer. if the lawsuit goes forward, it could include 1.6 million women. >>> as susan collin reports, they don't agree with the man's tactics but they do agree with his decisions. >> reporter: walter wr
on the labor front. a new survey finds most of america's biggest companies plan to increase hiring in the next six months. that follows a report wednesday showing the private sector added 200,000 jobs last month, and says its online job postings rose nearly 9% this month compared to march of last year. >>> a new study says the average 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need $230,000 to cover medical expenses. the study by fidelity investments says that figure is actually down 8% from projections made a year ago. this is the first time in ten years there's been a decrease in the longer run virtually every analyst expects costs to resume going up. >>> and google has chosen kansas city, kansas, to be the first to receive its ultrafast internet service. it's said to be 100 times faster than standard broadband service. if everything goes well, google plans to expand the superfast network to other cities. and the tech giant has also tweaked its search feature. some users will see a plus one button next to google's search results. clicking it allows you to recommend specific searc
voice. they are calling it america's best job and maybe it is. all you have to do is say one thing. >> that would be good. >>> they are not exactly in the play offs but rather the smell offs. the try outs of the smelliest sneaker contest happened tonight. the winner was ,,,,,,,,,, henson, we're going to go over sales figures, complete this merger and present to the board. sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the new big n' toasty. wrap your hands around fried eggs, cherrywood-smoked bacon, and cheese on texas toast. america runs on dunkin'. >>> next the late
to representatives of a muslim group about tea party conservatives. >> white, middle america, gun-toting, i mean, it's scary. they're seriously racist, racist people. >> he goes on to say npr would be better off without federal funding. a goal conservatives have sought for decades. ron schiller also resigned from npr. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia slid this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. well, asian markets saw a sell-off as oil prices rose near $105 a barrel. japan's nikkei tumbled 1.5% to a five-week low, while hong kong's hang seng fell nearly 1%. today wall street gets the very latest look on the weekly jobless claim numbers. on wednesday stocks closed slightly lower. the dow lost just one point while the nasdaq gave back 14. >>> foreclosure notices dropped to a three-year low last month. but, experts caution most of that drop is because lenders put a temporary stop on some home seizures due to allegations they were cutting corners with paperwork. still, nearly 65,000 homes were repossessed last m
in america is growing. according to the new census data, one in every 76 citizens are hispanic. >>> your next beer is likely going to cost you more money. maryland lawmakers are moving closer to approving higher taxes on alcoholic drinks. tonight kai jackson explains why some say the tax is necessary. >>> an increase in maryland's alcohol tax isn't a done deal. but those keeping score say it's pretty close. food may fill your stomach but alcohol sales in many bars and restaurants paying the bills for restaurant owners. >> when you walk into a bar like this, do you pay attention to the alcohol tax. >> at this point no, but since it was in the news we discussed it. >> reporter: the legislature is debating an alcohol tax. a bill in the senate proposes raising it 6%. under the plan it won't be wholesalers but drinkers that will pay for it. >> you know a lot of our guests, we've lost with the economy. so of course you know with the taxes going up and if it affects the alcohol price, i'm sure it'll cut down on them coming out to enjoy their time here. >> reporter: vincent demarco hopes the money wi
that god is punishing america for its homosexuality. >> our reaction is thank god and praise his name. our secondary reaction is, nothing has changed except for this. this case put a mega phone to the mouth of this little church. >> reporter: their picketing of the funeral for matthew schneider sparked the case. a small group of church members stood outside on a sidewalk in maryland, chanting and holding signs, "god hates dead soldiers," among others. >> i'm sorry they raised their son for the devil in hell. >> reporter: so appalled was albert schneider, that he filed suit against the kansas church group. >> they don't have a right to terrorize families and single families out. and that's what they do. >> reporter: a federal jury in maryland agreed. but appeals took it all the way to the supreme court, which in essence, agreed with the church's first amendment defense. on dehalf of the majority, chief john roberts said speech is powerful, it can stir people to action, move them to tears and as it did here, inflict great pain o. the facts before us -- pain. on the facts before us, we cannot
't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> it is 30 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. powerful storms leave a wide path of death and destruction through the southwest. one woman was killed in ohio when her car was stuck in flood waters. a 40-foot sink hole opened. no one was killed in that incident. >> this is the scene in san bruno as the fired burned for hours killing six people. they could have remotely shut off or controlled the flow of gas during the disaster. it took 90 minutes for all the valves to be closed. >>> cbs chief executive talks about charlie sheen. >> going down the road i
of real fruit smoothies. america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are,
dead. president obama cut his latin america trip a few hours short to deal with the crisis. he'll meet with his national security team at his hotel before returning to the white house tonight. >> we will continue to support the efforts to protect the libyan people. but, we will not be in the lead. >> reporter: tuesday, he promised the u.s. would hand over control of the mission within days. he also called the leaders of britain and france and agreed nato would play a key role. >> it is not going to be our planes that are maintaining the no-fly zone. that's precisely what the other coalition partners are going to do. >> reporter: and it's not just western countries. warplanes from qatar landed in greece yesterday. they'll begin patrolling the skies over libya this weekend. the first arab nation to directly participate. and possible evidence gadhafi may be looking for a way out. secretary of state hillary clinton told reporters that some allies of gadhafi are reaching out on his behalf, asking questions like, how do we get out of this? clinton did not say exile is one of those options. b
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lawsuit against america's largest retailer. dukes went to court because she says male workers at walmart make more, and get promoted faster. >> walmart is trying their level best to keep us out of court so the facts will not be presented to the public at large or before a sitting jury. >> reporter: walmart says not so. the company argues that the suit is so big, that not all the women covered by it are in the same situation. and that's the issue that the supreme court will decide. not whether walmart is guilty, but whether hundreds of thousands of women should all be part of one giant lawsuit. at least one justice suggested he's troubled by lower court decisions that allowed the lawsuit to proceed. anthony kennedy also said he's unsure what was the unlawful policy at walmart. >> i've had a very positive experience at walmart, like thousands of other women. >> reporter: but outside court, a plaintiff told about being held to a different standard when she asked for a promotion. >> i was told to blow the cobwebs off my makeup and to doll up. >> reporter: walmart says it has a long history o
preventing a humanitarian disaster in libya would support america's national interests. and one republican senator wants a plan for what happens after gadhafi, who will leave the country and also who will pay for all of this effort. >> all right, susan mcginnis joining us live. thank you, susan. this morning the libyan government is denying reports that one of gadhafi's sons was killed during an attack on tripoli. 27-year-old khamis was the libyan leader's sixth son. various unconfirmed reports say he was killed saturday night when a libyan pilot crashed his jet into the gadhafi compound. the libyan government calls the report a nonsensical piece of news. >>> those four "new york times" journalists who were held captive are telling their story. the four were released yesterday and moved to tunisia. they were captured by libyan government troops last tuesday. the journalists say they were mistreated until they were taken to the capital. the photographer says she was punched in the face, sexually abused and told she was going to die. >>> the stated goal of the allied operation in libya is to
to the region and america and its allies are discussing possible military options to prevent gadhafi from bombings had -- bombing his own people. >> we're obviously looking at a lot of options and contingencies. no plans have been made. >> reporter: britain is looking at ordering a no-fly zone over the country. >> i think we need to plan for neutrality. and i know other nations are doing the same thing. and that is right. >> gadhafi's son denies they are attacking civilians. >> show me. one evidence, one witness. >> reporter: but the u.s. says more than 140,000 refugees are trying to flee the fighting. a situation that is growing and many fear is on the verge of becoming a humanitarian crisis. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the u.s. state department says about 30 americans are still in libya, and they're making plans to get them out. >> the unrest in libya is to blame for a sky-high jump in gasoline prices. vic is live with what you'll pay today. >> reporter: prices for gas are rising to levels not seen since hurricane katrina shut down gulf coast prices. the average p
around one at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. grab a big breakfast with the new big n' toasty sandwich from dunkin' donuts. so, i get claritin clear. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. whoa ! watch your step ! thanks ! live claritin clear. this is wjz tv. baltimore. attacked on the job, surveillance cameras rolls as a truck driver is jumped and beaten while trying to make delivers. the con is suspects were trying to pull. >>> hello, everybody. i'm denise koken. a delivery driver severely beaten and left to die. the attack was caught on surveillance video. police are on the hunt for four suspects. >> reporter: there's no suspects for a beating that the victim lost consciousness by the time paramedics got to him, he was lying in a pool of blood. a brutal beating begins and one man is punching and pushing the victim to the ground, a second suspect joins in and both stomp on his chest after the victim is clearly down, a third man kicks him again, all in proud daylight. >> the dude just kn
in iowa. >> winning. >>> and fired. charlie sheen says he'll sue after losing his job on america's top tv sitcom. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, march 8th, 201rfo 2011.captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. nato has started flying surveillance planes over libya 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. it comes as the international community considers its response to what president obama calls the unacceptable violence by the gadhafi regime. rebel forces are under repeated attack by government troops following days of heavy bombardment, government forces appear to have retaken a key city 30 miles from the capital. on monday, president obama had this warning for the libyan government. >> i want to send a very clear message to those who are around colonel gadhafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. >> moammar gadhafi's real advantage is air power. the past several days, he launched a barrage of assaults using war planes and helicopt
the transfer of command to nato will reduce america's risk and costs. at the white house,. >>> also in libya tonight, a woman who ran in and said she was raped by gadhafi's troops. the woman's parents say she is being held at gadhafi's compound in libya. >>> two years after he claimed she was killed in a carjacking. her body was found along a road in 2009. dna evidence pointed to ryan on this. according to court documents he had half a million dollar life insurance policy on his life. he will be sentenced in june. >>> maryland is facing a $1.6 billion deficit and you could end upcoming up with some of the difference. kelly mcpherson explains, there are plans to increase the price of tolls in maryland. >> reporter: denise, state lawmakers are still doing the math but they can guarantee that by the fall we will be paying more than $2 to go through toll. driving in maryland is getting more expensive and could increase more. the maryland transportation authority says it needs another $70 million each year to improve roads. >> we are looking at potential toll increases that could be in effect com
cyndi lauper. she's on tour in south america. when several flights were delayed, she decided to sing a few spontaneous songs. let's listen -- >> ♪ girls, just want to have fun ♪ >> wasn't she on apprentice? key evidence, the piece of equipment bp had. >>> where the polish community celebrates fast tuesday with a tasty tradition. the story coming up here often wjz. >>> it is a beautiful march afternoon, but there's a big change on the forecast. >> wjz is always on. instant updates all the time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> the day really improved as it went on today. started a little chilly but gorgeous now. >> it keeps getting incrementally. >> we've had some high clouds come in. overall a pretty nice afternoon. i'm glad you got a chance to enjoy this. today, so far, we have topped out at 49 degrees. the average is 51. now still 49 in baltimore. 50 in d.c. either in the upper 40s or low 50s, cooler along the water in ocean city. this's because the winds have turned around to the east has the new system moves our way. that storm is still out to the west. here are the clouds. that ba
is expected to follow suit today. >>> and teacher tenure. the next union battle in america >>> and teacher tenure. the next union battle in america begins to take shape. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. this morning, there are reports that libyan government forces have launched air attacks against rebel-held positions in eastern libya. meanwhile, two u.s. navy ships enter the suez canal en route to the mediterranean, and it is also reported rebel leaders are considering whether to ask for outside military help. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on this. good morning, susan. >> hi, good morning, betty. while the opposition leaders in libya are considering asking for western air strikes u.s. defense leaders remain very cautious. they are weighing their options, and the consequences, of u.s. military action. libyan rebels are reportedly considering asking the united nations for air strikes against moammar gadhafi's regime, targeting key military assets. "the new york times" says the revolutionary council is debating the
grief ever since. what was the purpose of the toilet. >> the toilet represents how america represents the underclass. no matter how poor you are, everybody use a toilet. >> reporter: do you understand why someone would look at it when you see electronic equipment on it and think this was a bomb. >> it was an old tv set and old cell phone. >> reporter: i have to ask this question. are you mentally ill. >> no, sir. they want to claim i'm crazy or deranged. i'm not diagnosed at bipolar, skids frensic or nothing. >> reporter: these people in here in this facility have talked to me, talked to me. i've taken test after test and i haven't failed a test. i know what day it; the president, the time and what i did was not against the law. it is my constitutional right. >> reporter: davis admits he has sent a flood of letters, including to governor o'malley expressing concerns. >> reporter: are you a threat. >> no, sir. >> reporter: would you do anything violent. >> no, sir. never threatened anybody. the only thing that's going to hurt the governor is the truth. that's it. i'm a storyteller. >>
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